Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A crane in Chinese Garden

I took a picture of a lake in Chinese garden recently. In the centre of the lake is a white crane which looks small from afar but beautiful when you zoom in. I was first captured by the reflections of the trees, stones, grass, and the crane in the lake, which means there are three types of sceneries: the physical ones, the reflected ones, and the other in my heart. (I may not do justice to the scenery as you would probably be faintly impressed with only the image, however I will still use the image to tell my story). Though the crane is of a different colour from his/her surrounding, the crane is part of the surrounding, and looks outstanding when viewed as a whole especially when the crane is standing up tall and straight. This picture is also telling me another dimension of story. I am reminded that God's creation is stunning and awe in its entirety. God's grand story is gradually unfolding with each created being having a part in it. I imagine if I could zoom in on each individual just like I zoom in on the crane, I would see how each individual stands up in God's grand story. This imagination encourages me to take heart as I do matter to God, and I am living my story with God and with God's people. 

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