Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Being comforted by the late preacher Ng Eng Eng (黄瑛瑛传道)

I am very grateful to the late preacher Ng Eng Eng (黄瑛瑛传道)  for penning down her struggles and prayers with breast cancer before she died in 2005. I found comfort and strength in reading her journal. I am asking some of the questions she had asked, I am praying for the same healing she had prayed for, and through her journal I know I am not struggling alone. I do not know why I have cancer just like the late preacher Eng Eng did not know why she had hers. I feel guilty for having unhealthy diet in the past just like she felt years ago. I am drawn to the natural therapists the same way she did though we differ in content. Even though we are separated by space and time, I feel connected to her whenever I read her journal. It is almost like she is talking directly to me. If the Everliving God is comforting me, the late preacher Eng Eng is the avenue whereby God is comforting me. I am indeed not alone in my journey.

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