Thursday, November 03, 2011

Aftermath of removing my tummy’s protein-fluid

I remained pain-free for about one week before my tummy’s protein-fluid started returning. The excruciating pain caused by the fluid on my old wound returned as well. This time round, I resorted to using surgical tape to "stitch" the old wound superficially so that they would there will be less pressure tearing at the old wound and this simple method does reduce the pain. I thanked God for whatever relief I received.

At the same time, my back pain which wasn't a concern for me during one-week relief from tummy’s bloatedness has also returned. I had to resume my morphine drug to manage the pain again. I was scheduled for another CT scan at NCC on 19 Oct'11. The scan as originally scheduled 28 Oct, but due to my insistence, my oncologist managed to secure an earlier slot for me. He later disclosed to me that it was due to the fact that he donated $10k to the NCC Cancer Fund, and his close working relationship with NCC that I was given an earlier timeslot.  I was so touched when I knew the extra miles my oncologist walked for me, but he also thought that he was donating for a worthwhile cause. I thanked God again for being treated by a doctor with moral conviction.

The CT scan revealed further spread of my tumours in both the peritoneal cavity and in my liver. My oncologist shared with me that he had run out of option and suggested me to stop all my chemotherapy treatment. I took his advice, and the HCA hospice care will be acting as an intermediary between me and my oncologist. In the meanwhile, I am given mild dosage of morphine to manage my pain, am followed up regularly by hospice nurse and doctor, and learning to spend the remaining time with my loved ones meaningfully.

If you could join me in prayer, please pray that:
1) I could have the appetite to enjoy food, and to appreciate the newness of each day together with my loved ones. I am vomiting on a daily basis and losing weight;

2) I give thanks to all forms of support I have received in the past many months. Many of you have been walking with me through prayer support, some through monetary pledges, some through SMS text, some through emails, some brought fruits for me, etc. I appreciated whatever forms of support I have received. Please continue to walk with me, and I believe God will bless you in many ways than I know of. Pardon me if I may not respond as much as I would to in future due to my declining health, and for my need for extensive rest.

3) Though I do not know how much time I am left with, I ask for trust in God's goodness, in God's faithfulness, and to find continual rest in the peace and joy that can only brought about by an eternal relationship with the One above, and the One within;

4) The last one may not be that related to those above, but has been on my mind for some time. Even as the cost of living keeps increasing in Singaore, may the policy of the government work for the benefits of the poor and marginal. May God particularly remember those who are sick and poor among us. 

May God's peace and blessings be upon you.
3 Nov’11


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You are in our prayer everyday. Stay strong brother.

SonyaCOTC said...

Dear Arthur,
I am a member of the Covenant diaspora, living in Europe. Even though we never met, I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your journey with us on your blog. You have so much to give and I am grateful for your insights. Pace e bene, Sonya