Friday, September 23, 2011

Stating my philosophy of life briefly


I have been asked whether life is meaningful if one were to die eventually. I would say a definite YES. I believe we live to create good memories with our cherished ones, and we leave behind memories while also taking it together with us. Grief is a natural process of detachment. Everyone is bound to attachments which will be naturally followed by detachments. The challenge is to live in the present NOW, because what exists is NOW. The deeper challenge is to create good memories for oneself and for others in the present NOW, knowing that we will be held accountable for how we lived (that is the last word of Ecclesiastes by the way). To refuse to let go of detachment is to trap oneself in a spiral of grief. I know this sounds a bit like Buddhism, but what makes this belief different is the assumption that the reality we construct now is a shadow of the perfect one that is to come, and will come. Paul says in Eph 1:13-14 "And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession." Since we have received the Holy Spirit, what God says will happen will definitely take place. "Meaningfulness" is dependent on God's promises while living in the present reality.


George said...


If you believe God give life for a purpose, you should try Gerson Therapy, A treatment that was ignored years ago, verified its usefulness years later by many cancer patients. George

George said...


When you were at Boston, you probably knew my sister had 2nd stage breast cancel. I also suggested her to use potato juice treatment, but she did not use it. Because she was not allowed to eat raw vegetable or juice. Later, She followed regular chemo and redial treatments, turn out she recovered and doing well.

Thanks to God.

Currently, we urge her to eat more fresh veges and less meats, hopefully her health condition will be improved.

Due to my own health conditions (tendency toward getting diabetic), I prohibited to eat any meat and daily products for three weeks, that help me to loss weight for 15 pounds. I drink soy milk and eat black bean to replace meats. I followed Dr. Neal Barnard's Reversing Diabetes, turn-out I am doing very well. lately I run into reading about Gerson Therapy. I found both doctors are agree in vegan diet is the best way to go. Although, the Gerson therapy is more concentrated toward cancel patient. I though it may be useful for you.
Because of you and my sister, I start search knowledge to understand the source of sickness, and learn how to improve our eating habit that enrich my health. I really need to say "Thanks" to you.

When you were in Boston, you conferred many patients in the hospital, you gave services to our church...and I enjoy your friendship. Thank you so much!

ArthKohSL said...


I would like to lift both your sister and you up to God. I join in your celebration. I am very glad your sister is doing well, and delighted to hear that you have switched to a healthier diet. I know it is not easy to change diet, unless one is threatened by an immediate crisis. More fruits and vegetable in your diet definitely improve your general health. Keep up the good work. I believe you should be less prone to diabetic and other illnesses now.

I have a word of caution for you when you read online information about health product or therapy. I am very skeptical about practitioner who showcased clients who recovered or who benefited from the therapy, but not able to present a single client who failed to respond. As a researcher, you know that even data that do not follow or adhere to the hypothesis have to be recorded and explained. The general experimental results are usually explained in terms of statistical probability. If the practitioner does not adhere to such scientific discipline and present his/her results in terms of like how many clients achieved recovery and quantify the type of recovery and suggest reason for the anomaly (an example that I can think of), the whole thing looks more like pseudo-science to me. The above is just my personal opinion. It is all right with me if you hold a different stance since you experienced it differently. If it works for you, continue to use it.

I do not know whether I will experience cancer remission, but at least I feel honored to know a dear brother like you. You have been a serious follower of Christ, and you are willing to take the risk of exploring your doubts. I believe your faith will continue to grow and you will be a beacon of light to others around you. If we do not meet again on earth, may we embrace each other in brotherly love when we see each other again on the day of the resurrection.

May God watch over you and your family. May God guide you and lead you as you continue to exercise your trust in Him. May God's peace be with you always.