Wednesday, April 13, 2011

End of 2nd chemotherapy cycle

I completed my 2nd cycle of daily oral chemotherapy yesterday. I was given Sutent, 37.5 mg for six consecutive weeks as I did not suffer any side effect during my 1st cycle. A normal cycle consists of four weeks Sutent followed by two weeks break. However, during my 6th week of the 2nd cycle, I developed Hand-Foot syndrome. The blisters on my feet multiplied at the pressure points with each passing day, and my feet felt sore. Needless to say, every step I took was painful. Wearing house slippers, socks and applying moisturizers help to alleviate the pain. I read online how some of the caner patients coped with their pain and I felt comforted knowing that something can be done to cope with the syndrome. Coping with physical pain is one thing, seeing my loved ones in pain for me is a much deeper pain that cuts through my heart. Cancer is indeed a dreadful illness, particularly when it extends for months and years. Creating hope and garnering will in the journey of coping with this illness are important not just for the patient, but for his/her loved ones and friends.

I miss the days when I could take a leisure walk in a park near my place.

Taken from the pathway between Jurong Park and Japanese Garden
The shot above was taken during one of my walks somewhere during my 4th week of the 2nd cycle. Ever since I started my chemo cycle, I seemed to catalog events with reference to my chemo cycle. I know that during each cycle, the body might respond differently. It therefore seems wise for me to capture shots during my better days. Below is a shot of the clouds nearing sunset in my neighborhood, taken the following day after my walk in the park.

Fast approaching sunset in my neighborhood

Such scenery reminds me of God's good creation. I wish God would give me many more years to enjoy God's creation. I am now taking a one week break from my chemo cycle, in the hope that my blisters would heal.

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