Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Both my parents have accepted Christ

When my church pastor, Rev. Tay Hae Dar and his wife Pr. Esther Tan visited me on 13 Jul'11, they felt the prompting of the Spirit to share the gospel with my parents. As I was relatively tired and needed a rest badly, I retired back to my room. Then within the next hour, Pr. Esther informed me through text message that both my parents have accepted Christ! She further informed me their hearts were open to the gospel. I believe it was through three church camps and more recently, my parents witnessed more Christians coming to our home to pray with me and share God's word with me that broadened their exposure to the gospel. After so many years, and the work of the Holy Spirit. I was very delighted for my parents.

I remembered during the most recent church camp from 5-7 Jun at Desaru, Malaysia, a couple tried sharing the gospel message with my parents during the last night, but my parents felt they were too busy to be able to commit coming to the church regularly. As they supply seafood to their boss, they have to work on Sunday as well. Yet, during the third day, another sister in her 70s shared with us how the Lord guided her and protected her during all these years when she was in Taiwan and Indonesia. She has been a witness to God's faithfulness, and both my parents were all ears listening to her testimony. Then, during the house visit, my pastor convinced both my parents that they can still be Christians even if they cannot commit to regular Sunday service. My pastor and his wife also made it a point to follow up on them on a regular basis. They have prepared materials guiding my parents how to pray and on the basic beliefs of our faith.

On my part, I also made it a point to read through the gospel of Mark with them, and so far, we have reached chapter 2. It is a delight to witness my parents coming to faith, and it is also a privilege for me to be able to read the Bible together with them. Another pastor remarked to me that during this moment of my life, God's grace and power have prevailed upon my parents. It is at once a moment of darkness and also a moment of brightness to me. To that, I say "Amen".

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