Monday, July 11, 2011

Things are not looking good

My latest CT scan on 28th Jun shows that my tumours to be growing and spreading, which means that my current medication is losing its effectiveness, even though I have gained weight and my blood test looks better than it was six weeks ago. I have just switched to another medication called Afinitor, which is also consumed orally and serves to inhibit tumour growth, but is twice expensive compared to my current medication. I read online about this drug and found out that patients experienced progression-free cancer averaging 4.9 months (compared to 11 months for Sutent, my previous medication), but its most common side effects consist of mouth ulcers and lowered immune system. I am also considering another drug, called Torisel, which is not available at National Cancer Center, but available at OncoCare Cancer Centre in Gleneagles.  This drug has statistically prolonged a patient's live by an average of 10.9 months, and has less side effects. This drug is administered intravenously once per week, but I am not sure about the cost yet.

Having described my current situation, next I have some important decisions to make. Whichever drug I use, I may possibly have a few months left, though I am still open to the possibility of God's intervention. I hope the drug I choose will give me quality life at affordable cost. I have started teaching systematic theology at Jubilee School of Missions and Peoples Presbyterian Church two weeks ago. My aim is to be able to finish teaching the classes in the coming eight weeks. I am about to begin the process of giving away most of my books which I accumulated over the last fifteen years. I have books ranging from philosophy, theology, Bible study, apologetics, hermeneutic, counselling, spirituality to economics from Christian perspectives. I plan to donate most of my books to the local seminaries. I also hope to begin the process of saying goodbye though it will be very emotional. Here are my updated prayer and thanksgiving items:

1) Though my physical strength has been stable in the last few months, I praying for the physical strength to teach both at Jubilee Sch of Missions and Peoples Presbyterian Church. I am not sure how my body will cope with the new drug. May there be minimal side effect.

2) I ask for the wisdom and emotional strength to plan for the next few weeks, particularly with the parting of my books and saying implicit goodbyes to those near and far away. I continue to ask for God's immense grace and for His presence to be with me and my family members.

3) I enjoy teaching at both Jubilee and Peoples Presby, and I thank God for giving me the opportunities to apply what I learnt. I also thank God for Sutent's minimal side effect in the last five months.

4) Thinking of the fact that I have terminal cancer since last year May, was diagnosed in last July, operated in last Sept, and started my chemotherapy this year in Jan, and still living now, I am very thankful.

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