Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top Ten Not so Very Helpful things to say to someone experiencing the loss of a loved one

I learned the following from my clinical and pastoral education program, and I thought it will be helpful to share with those who are trying to comfort others in needs (and I have pasted them on my Facebook notes on August 6, 2010).

Top Ten Not so Very Helpful things People Say to Someone Experiencing the Loss of a Loved One.

10. God needs him more than you do.
9. God gave him this disease in order to test you.
8. God never gives you more than you can handle.
7. God loves him so much that he's taking him home.
6. I know exactly how you feel, my cat died last week.
5. I'm sorry this is so bad for you because I love you and I know this is terribly hard on you.
4. Well, you would not want him to live in the shape he is in, would you?
3. We have to be strong so we can give the victory to Jesus.
2. You think this is bad! You should have lived through World War II.
1. So, do you think you'll re-marry soon?

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