Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Thought on Da Vinci code

I have just finished reading the Da Vinci code. It took me two full days to finish it. Without the blessing of the school term's break, I would never have such the luxury to read a book without being interrupted. The book is a fascinating detective genre which is based on settings in Paris and London. Perhaps because I have been to these two places recently, the details descriped by Dan Brown still strike a chord within my memory. The whole mystery in this weaved fictional story is on a guarded royal bloodline alleged to be from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Those without some background in the resurrection, early Christianity and the quest for the historical Christ in the nineteen century might be caught off-guard by Brown's theory to the alternative Christ.

I am won over by the intricacies of the detective story with characters like Harvard professor Robert Langdon, French cryptologist Sophie Neveu, Neveu's grandfather Jacques Sauniere, French Justice Police Captain Fache, Lieutenant Collet, British Royal Historian Sir Leigh Teabing, etc. There are twists and turns in the story and one would never expect the identity of the Teacher. I guess there will be a number of Christians who would be enraged by the make-up story of Jesus Christ having an affair with Mary Magdalene. At the same time, many people might buy into this story based on Dan Brown's compelling fabrication. There are indeed many books which are coming up to dispel the fable created by Dan Brown as well as the Catholic Church's condemnation of it.

My view is that this book is worthwhile to read as a detective story. The author is a good story teller and the urge to know the mystery will compel any reader to want to finish it in one reading. Do take note that this book is a fictional one based on some research background. It is the descriptions and the way the story unfolds that made the whole book compelling to read.

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